Saturday, 30 July 2016

Do you know all about Ovens?

Well, we are glad that you have taken one of the best decisions to go for modular kitchens and renovate your kitchen. And what can be a better idea other than upgrading all the appliances in the kitchen to render a stunning appearance and experience. Yes, right from refrigerators to ovens, it is quite possible to completely modernize your kitchen appliances and add graceful elegance to your new look kitchen. It is true that after having worked with all these old gadgets, you definitely deserve the best.
That being said, how far you are aware of the technological advances that have gone into the kitchen appliances? For instance, let us discuss about ovens, which has the true potential to present a complete makeover for your cooking style. While going for a new one, is it just enough to gauge the space availability and power requirements and other routine features? With the vast experience in designing customized modular kitchen, Maine Kuche throws detailed insights on plethora of features for you to choose the best oven that goes well along with your cooking style, convenience, and ofcourse the budget.
Both Size and capacity matters:
It is true that the dimensions of oven should conform to that of the kitchen and also need to match with the design of modular kitchen. But do not go only by the size of the oven; rather also concentrate how much is the usable inside space that it is offering for cooking. Make sure that its capacity is sufficient enough to cook for your entire family. Also go for modern ovens with two shelves that have practically become a norm and present you an excellent opportunity to utilize the space efficiently.
Go for Trivection:
Choosing ‘Trivection’ mode ovens, having a combo of microwave, convection, and grill, make sense for the present scenario of cooking methodologies. The reason being the availability of programmable or built in menu settings that not only effectively selects the correct setting of time and power for varieties of food, but also intelligently offers different combination of cooking methodologies.
Circulating fan cooking:
It is always a dilemma to decide upon the top or bottom shelf placements while baking and roasting. With feature such as circulating fan present in the oven, the heat energy inside the oven gets evenly spread and makes the job easier. Also, it should be noted that the desired oven temperature is achieved faster and thereby drastically cuts down the cooking time.
Choose the heating surface:
Even if your chosen model does not have a circulating fan, opt for the model that presents you with the choice of heating surface – top or bottom. While it really becomes very easy to achieve brownies through top heating option, re-heating of food or crispy layers for your pastries can be easily achieved through bottom heating. 
Check for add-ons and recent entries:
·         Ovens with humidity sensor to detect the inside moisture and defrost features are rapidly gaining popularity, as they can automatically adjust the power requirement and cooking time.
·         Self cleaning ability in the recent models would definitely bring smile across your face as all you have to do is wipe out the dried residue after it cools and not the messy greases of spillage.
·         Ultra modern ovens have begun making inroads in Indian markets and they are being highly appreciated for their rich features. Be it turbo grilling, slow cook, moist fan baking or keep warm, these features are sure to find right usage for your daily chores.
·         The recent entry in the oven category is ‘Light Ovens’ which has a halogen lamp in addition to the usual ‘Trivection’ combinations. It should be borne in the mind that the halogen lamp takes part in cooking your food only for browning and heating.

What we have illustrated above is just a part of the technological marvel of kitchen gadgets. As an endeavor to offer comprehensive service while creating a custom made modular kitchen in Pune for your house, we at Maine Kuche always offer best suggestions for the appliances to augment the performance of your kitchen activities.

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