Monday, 2 May 2016

Modular Kitchen Design Tips for the Modern Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a term recently coined by furniture experts for the style of kitchen furniture consisting of various modular units or cabinets that help in optimal space usage. Modular kitchen typically consists of several trolleys of different shapes and sizes and shelves to accommodate the various needs of the customer. These modules of cabinets are made of different materials like plywood, lamination, etc. that enhance the appearance of the kitchen while providing maximum space for storage.
A modular kitchen consists of wooden cabinets, counter tops, internal accessories; electronic gadgets like chimney, hob, built-in-oven, sink with or without drain board and in some cases a refrigerator and a dishwasher. A kitchen worktop made of granite/marble or wood holds the units kept on the floor called “Floor Units/Cabinets”. The units which are held on the wall are called Wall Cabinets/Units.
The market is flooded with different options for designing the kitchen. There are various branded and unbranded products available to suit customers with different tastes, needs and budgets. One is spoilt for choices and this is why you need expert guidance and a set of rules so that you head towards the right direction .Meine Kuche, experts in designer modular kitchens, suggest the following:
·         Planning: Planning and listing your requirements is the first step to designing a modular kitchen. Measure the total available area and list down the things that you need.For example an island style modular kitchen is ideal for those who love cooking leisurely and when there is enough space available. A combination of drawers and cabinets provides good storage. Based on your needs, you can allot spaces for trolleys, closed cabinets and fully or half open cabinets where you can display your designer kitchenware. Plan your corners so that the space does not get wasted. Installing open steel racks of triangular shapes helps in utilizing the corner space.
·         Budget: You should always be clear about the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on kitchen improvement. Along with the budget, decide on the materials that you would want the furniture to be made of. For example, Hardwood is the most expensive, but constant exposure to water causes solid wood to rot. So we must be careful while selecting the materials. Marine Ply is the ideal material for making cabinets as it is water resistant. The product durability should not be compromised when adhering to the budget. Expenditure on modular furniture is actually a long term investment. You would not want to incur it again and again.
·         Design: It is important to choose colors and design that will complement the surrounding area. Modular furniture comes in “L” shape or “C” shape, gallery/one-wall style and Parallel or two wall style. Choose the style based on your needs. Selection of colors should be done in way so that they merge well with the overall theme. Installing designer material made of stone, glass or wood on counter tops gives a classic and dignified look. Open racks and trays on counter top will ensure easy access to things that you need frequently.
·         Measurements: Proper measurement of the length, depth and height of the available space should be taken into account while designing the cabinets. Keep wall shelves at a height where you can easily access them.
·         Lighting: Proper lighting is very important to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. A good pair of lighting inside all the overhead cabinets, corners and walls will ensure you do not reach for something in darkness .Create false ceiling and install spot lights which will give an illuminating effect to the kitchen.
The biggest benefit of modular kitchen is the freedom of customization. 
As more and more people opt for the comfort and cosmetic appeal of the modular furniture, its demand is constantly increasing


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